Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New to Blogging

First of all, I love being an online student! I was concerned at first and overwhelmed. I later learned how much more I enjoy it than traditional classes. The benefit of no commute meaning not having to be in traffic, saving money on gas, and most importantly I'm able to use my time more efficiently. If I choose to go out of town or visit my family for two months in Houston, I can do that and still be in school, which I have done!

I feel like I am learning more as an online student than when I was in traditonal classes. You can't beat the flexibility of being an online student! The anonymity is fine. However, I am a very social person. I am somewhat new to Arizona, so I could have used traditional school to maybe make new friends, and that is the only downside to online classes for me. Which that is fine, it just means I'll have to be more creative on how to meet new people and make new friends.

I believe that blogging as we are, sharing our thoughts, our lives, our families is a definite way to bring us closer as a class. I've learned much about my classmates, their concerns, their sorrow, their obstacles, and most of all the strength in them that I truly admire in them. It would be nice if we all continued to blog on here after this term to keep in touch. Although, there is the infamous facebook that we could also use to keep in touch.

At first I felt uneasy blogging, but I am getting a feel for this. I never thought of or realized how many people are blogging about their lives on the internet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think that's everyone!

Well, I believe I have added everyone from class on my reader's list. If any of you notice I missed someone, please let me know.

I was thinking, I bet we could make a discussion group for single, married, dating, with children, employed, unemployed, and then by what career we are pursuing.

What do you think? Is it too much?

Anyhow, I am getting bored with facebook! I only got on facebook last year because my best gal pal got off myspace where I was on, and created a profile on facebook. She kept telling me how much better facebook is.

Myspace became to overwhelming anyhow...

Facebook was better a year ago, now it's not the same with all the changes. I just like to read and see what everyone is doing since most my friends or all my close friends live in Texas where I am from. I love where I live, love the beauty and weather, but there is truly no place like home. I'll put up with the yucky scorching heat and humidity during Houston's summers, and the cold rainy winters along with the joint pain that comes with it to be with the rest of my family and friends again.

Don't get me wrong, moving to Peoria, Arizona or Phoenix has been a blessing. It has been a positive move for all of us. Try as I may to make friends here, it's just not the same. Although, maybe I'm just stubborn, and I think my friends in Texas are so much better. They weren't just friends though. They were there for me through good and bad, tears of pain and joy, many days of fun and laughter. We always said, "it's not where you're at, but who you're with." My closer circle of friends we called the "la familia" or the "famdamily."

I always had a shoulder to lean on, a friend to confide in, there was always an invitation for get-togethers on the weekends and even during the week. I already had my group of friends I would do things with my son and their children. I had a hook up for everything, eating spots, clubs, limos, wrecker, electrical, ac/heating, etc. As a matter of fact when I visited my parents last summer, their air condition went out. A friend of mine replaced a part, and only charged my parents for the cost of the part, which was $70. Yep, those are the kinds of friends I have.

So does anyone here have any advice for how to adjust to a new move or maybe when is it time to head back home?

Monday, February 8, 2010

I have no idea why I've titled my blog what to do...

This shall be quite interesting to see how blogging works out for me...

Yes, it does feel quite strange having a blog page, typing in words, not knowing to whom I am typing them to or who all can view my blog.

Right now my life is pretty mellow so there isn't too much excitement to write or type about. If anything I can go on and on writing about my son. I believe if I lived in Houston where I am from instead of the Phoenix, Arizona area I would have tons to write about.

I have friends in Houston that use to tease that if I wrote a book about my life it would be a saga. I'm not sure if that is good or bad! :)