Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New to Blogging

First of all, I love being an online student! I was concerned at first and overwhelmed. I later learned how much more I enjoy it than traditional classes. The benefit of no commute meaning not having to be in traffic, saving money on gas, and most importantly I'm able to use my time more efficiently. If I choose to go out of town or visit my family for two months in Houston, I can do that and still be in school, which I have done!

I feel like I am learning more as an online student than when I was in traditonal classes. You can't beat the flexibility of being an online student! The anonymity is fine. However, I am a very social person. I am somewhat new to Arizona, so I could have used traditional school to maybe make new friends, and that is the only downside to online classes for me. Which that is fine, it just means I'll have to be more creative on how to meet new people and make new friends.

I believe that blogging as we are, sharing our thoughts, our lives, our families is a definite way to bring us closer as a class. I've learned much about my classmates, their concerns, their sorrow, their obstacles, and most of all the strength in them that I truly admire in them. It would be nice if we all continued to blog on here after this term to keep in touch. Although, there is the infamous facebook that we could also use to keep in touch.

At first I felt uneasy blogging, but I am getting a feel for this. I never thought of or realized how many people are blogging about their lives on the internet.

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  1. I love that picture!
    I am proud that you are enjoying this new experience.
    Online is great if you want to travel. Every time I go somewhere now the first question I ask, " Do they have free internet at the hotel?"