Friday, February 25, 2011

Since There Has Been So Much Talk About It Recently...

A reply to a post I read in a discussion forum concerning "more than 21,000 people had whopping cough in 2010 – the highest amount since 2005 – and among the worst reported in more than 50 years, federal health officials reported."

My reply:

It is scary and sad. The fact of the matter is pharmaceutical companies are allowed to make the vaccines unsafe and ineffective. Please read everything below.

However, I do not think that vaccinating parents should be pointing the finger at unvaccinating parents. Likewise, I do not think that unvaccinating parents should point the finger at vaccinating parents. I blame the pharmaceutical companies for making unsafe and ineffective vaccines. I also blame our government for making it mandatory, yet not making the pharmaceutical companies do something about their ineffective and unsafe vaccinations.

Do not believe what you are told, please look at the facts and research. ‎40 - 60 percent will still be diagnosed with the disease that they were vaccinated for. 65 percent of fatalities in adults from pH1N1 vaccination occurred in adults with underlying health conditions such as the elderly, pregnant women, the morbidly obese and those with immune deficiency disorders such as Lupus. These are the very ones that are encouraged to be vaccinated. There were "approximately 4000 deaths from April to October 2009" from the pH1N1 vaccination. 70 - 80 percent of child fatalities from underlying conditions such as neurological disorders (that would include autism). This information came from the CDC and government sites not an anti-vaccine site. I am sure an anti-vaccine site can come up with more numbers.

‎A privately funded survey concluded that vaccinated U.S. children have a "significantly higher risk of neurological disorders -- including autism -- than unvaccinated children." Vaccinated boys 11-17 were more than twice as likely to have autism than those not vaccinated. "The telephone survey of parents representing a total of 17,000 children appears to be the first of its kind -- and contrasts starkly with several government-backed studies that have found no risk from vaccines."

"No one has ever compared prevalence rates of these neurological disorders between vaccinated and unvaccinated children," said J.B. Handley, father of a child with autism and co-founder of Generation Rescue, which commissioned the $200,000 survey conducted by SurveyUSA, a respected marketing firm. I would not trust research done by the government or the pharmaceutical companies. I would rather trust the facts from the words of real people with an unbiased view.

The survey found that "among more than 9,000 boys age 4-17, vaccinated boys were 2.5 times (155 percent) more likely to have neurological disorders, 224 percent more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and 61 percent more likely to have autism."

Vaccinations should not be scary for us or our children. Our country should be demanding the government to make pharmaceutical companies get rid of these current vaccines & create safe or safer ones.

Last year's California pertussis outbreak: 44-83% of cases were vaccinated; in Ohio & Texas, 67-75% were vaccinated.

"What if we all had to buy Toyotas per gov't mandate, AND Toyota was free to make faulty gas pedals? That's how it now works for vaccines." Very well said by the Nutrition Care for Children!

If you are unaware about a grown woman who has severe brain injury with a lifelong seizure disorder from the DPT vaccine that was denied by the Supreme Court to get compensation from the pharmaceutical company responsible for the vaccine, then please read

It is pretty much all over the news & the internet now. I do not understand why more people are not outraged by this and demand otherwise from our government. Why are so many blinded?

A perfect video explaining what is all in our vaccinations is

Chemicals that were to be spilled on our skin we are told to immediately wash or seek medical attention or if ingested to call poison control, yet they are being injected into our babies. These are too many chemicals and toxins at one time. If I had to do it over again with my son I would have the vaccinations not all done at once, but over a period of time.

Next month I have to get a full work up of vaccinations for my externship and I am not thrilled about it. I am never sick, have great health, never had a flu vaccine, yet the last time I had the flu I was in high school. I am about to be 33 in March. I would love to find a way to put in writing to whomever will be administrating my vaccine shots that I will only get the vaccinations if the pharmaceutical company or companies are made accountable, liable, responsible and should compensate my family and me if God forbid I get a severe reaction, lifelong disease or disability, or even die from it.

My son will be 12 in September and will have to get the meningitis vaccination. I am not thrilled about this either as he already had a severe reaction at his 18 month old vaccinations which I later found out to be autism. Please read my blog about my son and about his reaction.

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