Monday, April 18, 2011

Alzheimer's Breakthrough

I read this following article last week & found it interesting. Today I finally saw the show as I DVRd it.

Alzheimer's hits close to home as I lost a dear uncle to Alzheimer's two years ago. Recently my mother in law lost her mother, or my husband's grandmother, or my son's "Granny" to Alzheimer's. I wish to never see this cruel disease on any of my family members again.

Please see the videos taken from the show. It is very informative & great information!

Alzheimer's breakthrough was found "by accident." It is called now diabetes of the brain. You can have diabetes of the brain, but no diabetes in the rest of the body. The brain makes its own insulin.

Foods to avoid are namely nitrites which are found in meats such as deli meats, smoked meats, processed meats, ground meats, bacon, etc. Read the ingredient label, if you see nitrites do not buy it, and buy an alternative. I have already practicing this due to my son's autism. If it were not for autism I would not be already taking measures to assist in my son's progress. However, there are many alternatives out there. I know because I still by deli meats and bacon without nitrites. However, the only ground meats I buy are turkey or chicken. I said no to ground beef. Applewood brand makes many nitrite free meats as well as Farmland All Natural.

Avoid white foods such as bread, pasta, rice & sugars.

Some beer can contain nitrites. However not all may contain it. No ingredient list on beer means we have no way to know if they do or do not have nitrites on every brand of beer. I say go for the wine, wine has shown several health benefits. See, I knew being a wino was not a bad thing!  ;)

Avoid processed cheese, say no to Velveeta & any other processed foods.

Do your best to avoid processed foods & foods with preservatives. Eat wholesome & eat organic.

What do all these foods do? The brain has a barrier that protects it from being attacked. These nitrites or nitrosamines break down the blood brain barrier. Then the brain becomes attacked by toxins. Thus, the onset of Alzheimer's begins.

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  1. Thanks Raquel for this post my grandma has alzheimer's and so does my father in law. It is sucha sad disease. i'm going to share this info with my family!!