Friday, April 1, 2011

Box #84504 Nike Air Jordans

Aydee, if you purchase this box, I will throw in the Polo Jeans with the belt & the Urban Up polo shirt.

S. Perrone, if you purchase this box I will throw in these.The active wear shorts from ProSpirit, the grey t-shirt from Faded Glory, the Urban Up Pipeline shorts with belt, and the ProSpirit baseball shirt. They all fit like a size 12 despite what is on the tags. I get my sons clothes together & separtate by small, medium, large sizes. For example, the size 8 shirt fits like a 12 & the size 14/16 fits like a 12. I've been doing that because I myself have received clothes that were too small or big for the size I was wanting despite what it says on the tags.

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  1. Thank you so much in advanced Raquel. You are one of the best thredup moms around!!! :)