Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I was already blogging, but didn't really realize it... (unit 4)

I've used different sites to meet other moms that are facing challenges of finding correct treatment and assistance for their chidren with special needs.

I have found that the best help parents can give to their children is by our own research, and by finding out what other parents are doing to help their children.

For instance, I did not know 4 years ago that I could apply for social security disability for my son. However, many parents have been struggling to get this assistance or any extra assistance to help with the costs of therapy and treatments.

It is really horrible to find how many children are afflicted with autism, Aspergers, ADHD, and other neurological behavioral symptoms. Sadly, the common thread I am realizing is the toxicity of these children. All parents seem to be fighting toxins in their children by ridding their bodies of toxins through supplements, therapies, foods, and probiotics.

I am finding that it has to do with the child's inability to rid toxins, lacking certain enzymes, and mostly the inability to rid metal toxins.

Some parents like me, feel strongly that vaccinations played a huge role. After my son received his one year vaccination, he wasn't the same again. I would say 9 out of 10 parents know the day when their child was not the same little boy or girl, but instead was taken by the ugly effects of mercury preservaties that was administered through a vaccine.

Many people will disagree, but how can you disagree with a parent that saw drastic changes in their child after vaccinations? Nobody knows why some children get it and some don't. However, the scary ugly truth is that the number of chilren that will get autism is 1 out 110, and if you have a son the chances are 1 out of 70. The number of children with autism is steadily increasing.

I strongly advise parents to read up on autism before you plan on being a parent, and definitely before you vaccinate. Parents need to know symptoms. The sooner your child is diagnosed, the sooner you can treat symptoms and provide therapy. Therefore, better enabling your child to live a "normal" life.

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  1. Your post is very informative. My nephew is 27 and he still struggles with things that are so simple to you and me. He is very intelligent and a gifted writer.