Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am absoluletly impressed and proud of my son! He truly has come such a long ways! It has been a drastic change in just the last 2 years. Before I use to worry so much about him. I would worry if he would grow up to be capable and to properly take care of himself. I would worry that he would have a hard time making friends. I would worry so much. I can remember when he was 8, and he took his IEP test. I was so saddened, worried, and depressed about it. His evaluation had him equivalent to that of a 4.5 year old!

Christian has drastically improved academically as well as his social skills. However, there is still much more room for improvement. We will keep working together on this. I never would have thought 3 years ago that he would come home with straight As on his report card, or that he would be able to do karate or swimming. My son amazes me! He is proof that anything is possible!

I love that he is so loving and appreciative. He has the kindest heart. He is so concerned about the welfare of others. I hope he will always remain with those beautiful qualities. However, I sincerely wish that there was more autism awareness, especially in the school systems. Educators as well as students need to be aware. One with autism interprets things differently than others. The last thing those beautiful children need are to be teased and bullied! They go through so much as it is! Anything that other kids do, a child with autism will have to try at least 3 times harder!

I've been on field trips with my son's class. I have witnessed first hand how ugly other kids can be. I witnessed a kid criticizing and bullying a friend of my son's. I couldn't do anything about it because I am just a parent volunteer. However, I did tell my son's teacher about what happened as soon as I could. My son did take up for his friend, and asked the kid nicely to leave him alone. My son then took his friend's hand, walked him away, and asked if he was all right.

My son has never understood why children want to be mean to others or why there is such a thing as bullying. I truly detest it. I really wished the school here practiced zero tolerance when it comes to bullying. I know they did in Houston...

There was even a problem with the PE teacher. My son had all As on his report card, but was given a B in PE. I asked my son's teacher, who gives a B in PE? She said, "I know. Christian, actually had the highest grade in my class." Then she out-right said, "The PE coach discriminates against my class." I was so burned up about it.

When my husband came home, he looked at my son's report card, and questioned what I had questioned to my son's teacher. I then told my husband what his teacher had said. My husband called the school the next day, he spoke to the PE teacher as well as the principal. My son has never gotten a B again in PE. He now gets As!

Sometimes, I guess we need to stand up and defend our children, be their advocate. My job, as my son's parent, is to do everything I can to prepare him for life, and I won't allow others to break down my son's spirit, or take away what he rightfully deserves!

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  1. We have to take care of our babes until they can take care of themselves. Your son is lucky to have you on his team!