Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ready (Unit 10)

I am sad to see this term at an end. This has been my favorite term at Kaplan. Both of my professors were exceptional,this is the term where I have learned the most, and I feel matured the most as a student.

I can't believe I'll have my degree by the end of the year! However, I am tied as to how to use my degree. I don't know if I should search for a job at a hospital, practice or clinic using my office management degree. I don't know if I should try medical transcription or medical billing and coding at home. I feel I can be disciplined enough to work at home, as online classes have taught me that.

I guess I will have to weigh out the pros and cons when the time comes. I am hoping to find some flexibility using my degree. I just know that now that I do have the flexiblity, I dont want to lose it. I see how it has helpled my son by being able to take him to doctor appointments, therapy, karate, and swimming. My son is steadily progressing, and I'm not going to hinder his progress.

I just hope I will have a few options in the future that will allow me to use my degree and be there for my son. My son is what is most important.

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